04 Alter Dorfmittelpunkt mit Kapelle & Friedhof

In 1731 a little bell (about 50 kg) was bought for the chapel on the “Gassenhövel”. Shortly after the villagers from Dreiborn and Berescheid were allowed to get baptized and married there and to be buried on the churchyard closeby. In 1804 the chapel was removed from the parish church in Olef and became the independent parish church of Dreiborn and Berescheid.

In 1868 on the feast of St. Wendelinus, the second patron saint, three new bells were consecrated. These bells did not become 25 years old. The biggest, the knell, was donated by a wealthy bachelor with the proviso that it should also ring when poor people get buried. This condition being ignored, he said that he wished the bell to burst when it rings (“Ich wönschen du zerbääsch”).

When the bell cage burnt in 1882, the rising heat made the bells swing and with a shrill sound the knell fell to the ground and shattered. The wish of the donator was fulfilled. The old church on the “Gassenhövel” was soon demolished, the tower stump was left as a churchyard chapel. Some years ago the chapel was renovated by some villagers and every year honours of the soldiers who died in the wars are done there.