03 Dreiherrenstein

The Dreiherrenstein was originally placed at a height of 558 m two kilometers away from Dreiborn.

In Franconian time the Eifelgau – Zülpichgau border ran here. These probably oldest bounds border on the dukedoms Luxembourg and Jülich. The lords from Dreiborn, Schleiden and Monschau could sit there at the “Grafenborn” at one table without leaving their own districts. That is why the stone is called Dreiherrenstein.

In the year 1740 the stone marked the boundaries of their grazing land. During the French reign in the Rhineland it embodied the border between the departments Aachen and Lüttich. When the Rhineland belonged to Prussia, the district Schleiden bordered on the district Monschau and today the municipal area (formerly district) Aachen on the district Euskirchen.

In 1989 the Dreiherrenstein was located where it is still to be found today and is meant to remind of the changeable history of “Dreiborn’s old splendour”.