06 Gemeinde Dreiborn

From 1816 to 1971, Dreiborn was an independent municipality and the largest community in the district of Schleiden. Other locations in the municipality were Berescheid, Ettelscheid, Scheuren, Herhahn, Olef, Nierfeld, Morsbach, Wollseifen, Einruhr, Hirschrott, Jägersweiler, Burg Vogelsang, Dorf Vogelsang, Leykaul, Lehmkaul, Sauermühle, Auf dem Gier, Walberhof, Patersweiher and Hühnerbusch.

Beginning in the mid-1920s, the Hagefeld (meaning “field close to the castle”) was developed with the construction of a school and cemetery to become the village centre. In the year 1972, in the course of municipal restructuring, the municipality of Dreiborn with around 4,500 inhabitants was dissolved and the Dreiborn villagers joined the town of Schleiden.

Even before the amalgamation took place, funding for the maintenance and new construction of village infrastructure was made available by the administration and municipal council. In 1976, four years after Dreiborn had been incorporated into the town of Schleiden, all of the construction work was completed.

As of 2013, the community of Dreiborn has just under one thousand inhabitants. Following decades of growth, the population has declined in the past couple of years.