15 Kapelle Wollseifener Straße

Here, at the site of the former shooting range of the Dreiborn area St. George shooting fraternity, which was founded in 1669, is Dreiborn’s oldest chapel. The chapel was last extensively renovated in the mid-1930s.

The tradition of the former shooting fraternity of the Dreiborn area is continued today by one of the largest and best-known shooting associations in the region, the Gemünder Bürger-Schützenverein.

According to historical records, members of the shooting fraternity of the former territory of Dreiborn knew how to celebrate. In the chronicles of the Dreiborn shooting fraternity, refounded in the year 1823 to continue the tradition of the St. George and St. Sebastian shooting fraternity, article 7 of the statutes reads: “The Fourth Shooting Master is hereby simultaneously appointed as the Beer Master, with the duty of providing as well as possible for thirsty brother members.” For a Feast of St. Sebastian, this source likewise reports an order for the innkeeper “to have twenty pounds of beef as well as potatoes prepared for twelve men and to have available the required quantity of wine, beer and schnapps.”