01 Wasserburg Dreiborn

The Dreiborn castle built in water is the highest located castle built in water of the Rhineland. With its wide moats and its impressing hill forts the castle buildings are a good example of the type of construction of a Rhinish castle built in water.The moats have its source in the three springs nearby.

Like the most German castles the Dreiborn castle built in water has a varied history: The castle lived to see both heydays and devastating ravaging that forced the lords of the castle to reconstructions and to partial demolitions again and again. That is why today only a few imposing parts of the building and castle towers are preserved from the once four-leaved castle complex with the main building, the adjacent buildings and working quarters.

Today Dreiborn castle is in private ownership. Its unique situation and its impressing architecture make it interesting as a location for film and television as well.


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