05 Alte Bahnhofstraße

05 Alte Bahnhofstraße

Old Station Road

Today’s „Alte Bahnhofstraße“ dates from about 1903. Earlier it was known as „Werkstraße“ – Works Street – because it led to the Gemünd ironworks.

On the right of the top picture, and below left, is the tithe mill, where until 1794, the people of Gemünd were required to have their grain milled.

In 1899, the Fesenmeyer Brothers built the first power-station which supplied the town with direct electric current. The weir in the Urft by the Protestant church dammed the water to allow the mill wheels to function. Below on the right is the Gemünd town hall, almost totally destroyed in the Second World War, and rebuilt on the same site in 1954.

Today the building is a hotel.