07 Evangelisches Pfarrhaus

07 Evangelisches Pfarrhaus

Protestant Parish House

In 1660, the Reformed Protestant community bought „Scholers Haus“ and converted it so that the congregational hall and parish house could be brought together under one roof.

For a long time, the community had planned the building of a new church, until in 1733, the energetic minister Abraham Kramer undertook a fund-raising mission to the north-west of the kingdom and to the Netherlands. The outcome was that the building of a new church was not permitted, but what was allowed was the building of a new parish house and the enlargement of the Reformed Church.

In the middle of February 1945, the retreating German army blew up the Baroque building in accordance with orders to leave behind only scorched earth.

In 1952, a new building which resembled the old one was put in its place.