06 Jülicher Brücke

Jülich Bridge

Gemünd has benefited from the construction in earlier times of a bridge, which may not have been built exactly in this position.

After the Romans had extended their empire to the Rhine, they connected the principal areas with permanent roads. The „Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium“, the modern Cologne, was connected with „Civitas Remorum“, the modern Rheims in France. A road bridge was built to cross a narrow section of the marshy Urft valley. A military garrison secured this strategicallyimportant site – and the foundation stone for today’s Gemünd was laid.

From the late Middle Ages, the Urft was the boundary river. The bridge over the Urft connected the lower lands of the Dreiborn estates with those of the offi cials of the Duke of Jülich in Heimbach, which lay on the right bank of the Urft – hence the name Jülich Bridge. „Foreigners“ had to pay a bridge toll, which in the sixteenth century brought fi fty golden fl orins pouring into the ducal coffers every year.

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