18 Kreuz auf dem Kreuzberg

The cross on Kreuzberg (Cross Hill)

At the time of the laying of the foundation stone of the new Catholic church in 1858, a wooden cross stood in the place where initially the high altar was to be. This cross was later set up on „Fallstockshövel“, a nearby hill. In time, this wooden memorial fell into disrepair. So that the memory did not sink into oblivion, the Gemünd chaplain, Joseph Krücken, bought a circular plot of land together with access rights, and collected money from Gemünders of all denominations in order to erect a stone cross instead of the wooden one. The figure of Christ was damaged at some time and the broken pieces later removed.

The inscription on the plinth reads:

„Blessed are the departed

Who die in the faith of the Lord.“

The cross on the „Fallstockshövel“ that today gives its name to the hilltop – Kreuzberg – is a sign of the Ecumenism that the two denominations have reached over time with the ending of the „clash of cultures“ which had lasted from 1870 until 1882. In 1888, the Catholic community acquired the cross and the land from Joseph Krücken.