16 Klosterkirche und Franziskus-Kloster

Fransiscan Monastery and Church

Between 1653 and 1798, a friary stood in the former „Hühnerstraße“ by the old town wall. The adjoining monastery church was erected in 1686.

In 1802, the industrialist Abraham Poensgen acquired both monastery and church after their dissolution. He had the monastery demolished, and built instead an impressive residence. In 1808 he gave the church back to the parish community. The church had a huge high altar and two side altars. It was used predominantly in the winter, because unlike the castle church, it could be heated.

It was totally destroyed in an air raid on 13th December, 1944. From 1945, a hospital was developed by the rebuilt nave of the church. In 1969 an up-to-date hospital was built on the edge of the „Am Hähnchen“ residential area and the old building was used for church purposes.


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