27 Mühle und Arenbergisches Forstamt

Mill and Arenberg Forestry Office

At the foot of the „Mühlenberg“ on the left bank of the Olef stood the castle mill, dating from 1526.School buildings occupy the site now. The mill is commemorated by a piece of sandstone from the original house entrance, which is now built into the supporting wall of the castle hill embankment.

The castle mill, which was taken over by the Arenberg estates management, took on from 1898 the function of a power station, the first of its kind over a wide area. For two years the works provided the town with electricity, then the complex, along with the mill, burnt down.

Among the Arenberg properties was the neighbouring „Toporowski“ House which almost every year was flooded by high water from the Olef. The building of the Oleftal dam in Hellenthal in the 1960’s finally averted this danger. The Arenbergs owned extensive woodlands in the Eifel and so they built a large forestry office on the right bank of the Olef opposite the former mill. The complex included a house for the principal forestry warden.


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