04 Olef-Panorama

04 Olef-Panorama

Olef Panorama

A particularly-attractive view of the castle, the symbol of Schleiden, can be seen across the Olef from the Sturmius Bridge.

From there, the efficient defences of the former fortress are evident, built on rock promontories over the valley. Some remaining walls can be seen on the bank, showing that the structure was originally used for defensive purposes.

On the left bank by the bridge, stood the southern gate of the medieval town fortifications. Downstream, houses and business premises reach along the left bank, and the outer walls follow largely the line of the earlier town walls. The main entrances were in „Sleidanusstraße.“

Until the destruction in 1944-45, it was possible to see parts of the old wall in the houses. This river crossing, as with all the bridges in Schleiden, was blown up in 1945 by the retreating German army.

The current bridge dates from 1953.