22 Schloss


A castle complex stood on the site of the present one from at least the 12th century: the oldest documentary evidence dates from 1198. From here, nobles from various families ruled over the county of Schleiden (Lords of Schleiden, Counts of Manderscheid-Schleiden and Counts of Marck). In the course of time, through extensions, destruction and rebuilding, the appearance of the castle altered considerably, before the whole castle complex was completely renovated in the 18th century. Later, through the influence of the dukes of Arenberg it was redesigned as a nobleman’s residence. By 1920, the buildings needed much renovation and the Duke sold them to a Lazarist Order which after extensive modernisation established a boarding school. On the 13th December 1944, as the result of an air raid, the building was burnt down to just the outer walls. In 1951 after a partial reconstruction, the Oblate Fathers established a new boarding school, „Schülerheim Marianum“. After the closure of the school, the buildings stood empty for many years, until they were rebuilt in the 1990’s into the castle restaurant and accommodation for the elderly. The burnt-out business buildings were replaced and today house a care home. It is worth visiting not only the castle courtyard which is accessible to the public, but also looking at the view over the town and the Olef valley from the terrace on the valley-side of the restaurant.

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